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What We Believe

We are a local church that loves God and loves people.  We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and came to pay sins price for all man kind.  Upon Jesus’ ascension to Heaven He gifted us with the Holy Spirit and He sits on the throne of the heart of believers.  The Holy Spirit empowers our lives to live free from sin, sickness and all the bounds the enemy tries to entangle mankind with.  God’s Word (The Bible) is God’s absolute truth and it’s His will expressed in written form.  The Word of God is the power of God because Jesus is the Word and became flesh. We allow the truths found in the Bible to be the guide to our lives.  The importance of the absolute truths that are found in God’s Word can’t be overstated.  It is what brings us the Victory.

What We Do

The Love of God compels us to serve the Last, the Lost and the Least of society.  The people that the world has given up on, God is saying I’m sending the church to show you just how much I Love You.  Generation Church desires to do its part to be the sent ones. We hit the streets of Louisville searching for the lost to see if they want help finding their way home.

what we do 3
GC what we do
The day Generation Church opened its doors we have served Louisville’s homeless and underserved community.  We have done weekly outreaches to feed and provide much needed supplies.   We establish relationships with the people we serve and check on them often.  In serving the homeless population we do what we can to see their lives transformed by the Love of God.  We don’t serve the homeless only to provide natural resources but we desire the homeless and all people to be able to experience the Life Transforming Love of God first hand.
We currently have a clothes closet called Christ’s Closet and a food pantry to serve people in the community.  Christ’s Closet is set up like a mini thrift store.  People feel valued when you place value on what you offer them.  The food pantry is like a mini food mart with groceries stocked on the shelves ready to serve.  We open these after each service and as needs arise.  We have people every week utilize these resources and we are thrilled to be able to provide them.


River City Dream Center. We are a Network Partner of the Los Angeles Dream Center. Generation Church is always growing and progressing in our servanthood to God for people. Other than our food and clothing ministry we are starting Freedom House. Our Drug Rehabilitation Center